How to spend six hours in Montreal

Ask almost anyone and they will tell you that Montreal is one of the best cities to visit in Canada.  And though the distance between Ottawa and Montreal is only 200 kilometres, sometimes it feels too far to go for just the day.  I decided to give it a try.  

On a cold, dark January morning, I awoke at six and at eight, I was on the bus leaving downtown Ottawa.  After accounting for travel time, I had six hours on the island before my afternoon train at four.  What can you do with six hours?  Quite a bit actually.

1 ) Have a stellar coffee

I already had a latte earlier, but couldn't pass up the opportunity to try Le Couteau on Le Plateau -  4627 Rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, QC - (514) 940-0444.

2)  Indulge in a nice lunch

Chirashi lunch at Zen Ya,  486 Sainte-Catherine Ouest, 2e étage Montréal - (514)-904-1363.  The original choice was to go to Furusato on Bleury, but sadly it was closed for lunch by the time I reached.

iphone -2790.jpg

3)  Get a haircut from your favourite stylist

I am not one to fuss about hair or pay exorbitant prices for haircuts, but Shoko is the best cut I ever had, and worth the visit to Montreal.  Find her at Salon Pause - 4701 St Denis, Montréal - (514) 564-5996.

Except for travel there and back from Ottawa, I reached all of these places (although sometimes at a rather hectic pace) by foot.  Thank you Montreal for a wonderful Friday!!

Note:  The above photos were taken using the iPhone 4S and edits made using the VSCOcam application.