El Ojo de Cyclone - A Beautiful Space for Art, Music and Dance in Havana.

El Ojo de Cyclone - Havana Vieja/The Eye of the Hurricane - Old Havana

One of my favourite spots in Old Havana is El Ojo de Cyclone (Eye of the Hurricane); the workshop, gallery space and artistic devotion of Leo D'lazaro.  

Leo is a painter, sculptor, and photographer, or perhaps more appropriately, a creator.  From turning an old car door into a desk, to turning random objects and metal rods into a fuse ball table; he is always in the midst of a project, with new ideas lurking in the shadows.  Leo's work can be seen in various parts of the city.  Outside the gallery, his murals adorn the walls, and one of his sculptures resides at the nearby park on Obispo.

Leo playing a game of fuse ball with one of his guests

While El Ojo de Cyclone is a workshop, it is also a centre for the arts community and friends to gather, share, discuss, and sometimes debate a wide-range of issues.  In addition to these chats, on any given day, there will be heated games of dominos over a bottle of rum, casual jam sessions with local musicians, and even dancing.  Friends practice casino, son, and tango in the front studio area.

Leo always has his space open to visitors; I think he benefits from all the energy that is created by having people around. 

During my time spent living in Havana, El Ojo de Cyclone was my refuge from the busy, hustle and bustle of Havana’s dusty streets.  I would enter, not knowing what to expect, nor who would be there, but always knowing that I would be amongst friends.  

Have you been to El Ojo de Cyclone?  How did you find it?  Leave us a comment.  Also, if you are interested in taking classes or working with Leo, send me a message!


Ojo de Cyclone is located in Havana Veija (Old Havana ) at 501 O'Reilly at the corner of Villegas.  Go by anytime, and please tell him you are friend of Caroline’s.