Winter in Havana

In the second week of February we had a cold spell in Havana that lasted for half the week.  It rained almost continuously for several days and this was very problematic for the 50 year old american cars: some have holes in the frame, the majority have turning lights that do not work, and I forget the last time I saw a working windshield wiper.  

Temperatures plummeted from a normal high of mid-twenties in the afternoons to low-mid teens in the afternoons. There were also record low temperatures of 6-7 degrees at night (in celsius). 

All the Cubans found it brisk and dressed warmly for the weather, many were sporting scarves, mitts, hats, and even insulated jackets.  I never imagined this type of clothing would ever be necessary here! 

Folks next time you come, bring those ugly Christmas sweaters and extra scarves and cloves, yours hosts/friends will love you!

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