Dance and Percussion Classes in Havana

In my two months in Havana I took dance lessons in salsa, afro-cuban, salsa, and a few percussion classes on the afro-cuba rythyms of yambú and guanguanco.

Here are some photos and contacts of my professors in Havana and Santiago that I met or took classes with.  Private classes range from $8 to $15 CDN an hour, but email me for more information if interested.  

I also registered for three weeks of dance in February at Danza Cuba, the Contemporary school of dance that teaches popular dance, folkore, and modern dance.  Held at the Teatro National, it is a dance course mainly for Cubans who pay 100 MN ($4 CDN for one month).   Foreigners pays $100 CDN for the month, but if you have a valid Cuban student card, you can pay the price in MN.  The course is 9 hours of instruction per week for the three courses, but you can also take just one or two hours.

The classes were really fun - the group ranged from 40 to 70 depending on the day, and I was amazed at how the teacher's managed the class sizes.  My favourite was the afro-cuban.  From these classes, I also realized that despite what tourists think, not all Cubans are born dancing - they have to learn to dance (although many learn at home or in the street), they just pick it up much faster!

If you are have any questions regarding dance schools/teachers or percussion classes in Havana or Santiago please send me a message through the contact page!