The door to photography.

I have always been fascinated with photography - the ability to capture a moment, tell a story, or show a new perspective.  

Canon 5D Mark II with a 24 -105L lens and my Panasonic GF1 with a 20 mm pancake.  ©Caroline Yung 2012

Canon 5D Mark II with a 24 -105L lens and my Panasonic GF1 with a 20 mm pancake.

©Caroline Yung 2012

I believe that my love for photography was actually something in my genes; it just took a while to 'kick-in'.  Growing up, my dad always had a thing for purchasing cameras (not fancy ones), but you could be sure that he always was on the scout for the next best point and shoot.  

So, having had lots of small hand-me-down point and shoots growing up, I didn't have to buy my first camera until 2010.  

My first was a Panasonic GF1.  This micro four-thirds camera was one of the earlier interchangeable lens cameras of this kind, and the first that Panasonic put out.  The 20 mm pancake lens that came it produced stunning images and worked well in low-light. 

After a summer of studying photography at SPAO, I was ready to purchase an SLR.  Like many savvy consumers, I spent hours reading about cameras.  I went through the Canon or Nikon debate at length.  In the end, it was a trial that made up my mine. My generous teacher and mentor, John Hewett Hallum lent me his 5D Mark I for a course.  In a few weeks I was hooked on the Canon menu and full-frame sensor.

A few months later, I purchased my own 5D Mark II. Now when I pick-up my Lumix, it feels small,  but I don’t forget that most of my best photos to date were taken with it.  I am excited to bring my Canon 5D Mark II on the upcoming trip, but also a bit scared to walking around with such an expensive camera. 

Below, some of my favourite photos that I took with the my little GF1!   Top in Vinales, Cuba and the bottom in Lhasa, Tibet