A Yoga Teacher Training at Adishesha - Ottawa

I decided to take the leap and join waves of yogis in by taking yoga teacher training in 2012.  The intention was that I wanted to have a practice I could take with me, wherever I went.  I decided to go with Adishesha at school and studio run by Basia Going, long-time teacher in the Ottawa area.

Teacher training at Adishesha proved intense. It was exhausting, physically and emotionally.  It also changed my life.  In my first years of practicing yoga, I appreciated the most a heavy, physical practice.  If I wasn't sore and sweaty, and pushing myself to my limits, I wasn't having a good 'practice'.  After a few years of yoga, and ton of other life experience, I enjoy now a much slower and grounded practice.  I realized it wasn't actually the sweat and sore muscles that made me come back to yoga, it was that it calmed and slowed me down.

These photos were taken at Basia Going's Retreat Centre in Luskville, Quebec

© Caroline Yung 2012