Ottawa’s slow growing food movement

I have lived in Ottawa for eight years.  During that time we have both come a long way in our appreciation for food.  I confess that my first year in Ottawa, my roommate May and I bought PC blue-choice lasagnas and experimented with no-name chicken breasts that never got dry no matter how long we cooked them - I feel ill just thinking about it.  

My view on food has changed a lot.  Now I aim for fresh ingredients and if packaged, the ingredient list is short with names that I can recognize.  Thank you Michael Pollan - (See In Defense of Food).  

As my appreciation for food grew, so did Ottawa’s offerings.  Although I am currently offline in Cuba for a month.  I'm leaving a pre-dated post to recall a few of my favourite items from the summer: Atelier (2), Brother’s Beer, Relish the Taste (2), The Manx, and Mariposa Farm (2).