Ottawa - I will miss you like crazy!

Earlier this week I spent my final night in Ottawa for the better part of the year.  I am excited about the big trip ahead, but I will miss:

  • my wonderful and supportive friends and family
  • my new home in centretown that I have grown to love
  • the espresso machine that I slave over each morning, ‘trying’ for the perfect shot.
  • riding my bicycle around our beautiful city
  • going on early morning photography shoots 
  • my favourite yoga studio in the city  - Adishesha
  • heuvos rancheros at the Manx
  • sunsets at Meech Lake and from Lemieux Island;
  • and yet another season of cross-country skiing!

Unfortunately, I don't have the photographs to reflect these sentiments, but during this holiday season, let us think of the simple things that bring us great joy.